• site survey check list

    If you’re installing or upgrading a Wi-Fi network in an enterprise, commercial, or industrial environment, it’s essential to begin with a wireless site survey. A well-executed site survey ensures that your wireless network will perform with optimal coverage and performance. Wireless surveys identify the ideal number and location of access points as well as any sources of radio interference. This is our step-by-step guide to completing a successful wireless site survey.

    Here we’ll go over everything you need to know about site survey and readiness - including a site survey checklist to think about pre-deployment.


    What is site survey and readiness?

    A site survey is carried out before the deployment of any hardware. The aim is to collect all data related to customer’s sites as a way of planning for minimal disruption during and after deployment.


    The site survey process consists of engineers who will complete questionnaires that help gather all the data required. This typically relates to the network closet, existing cabling, existing power, HVAC conditions and any space that’s available in the network racks for new hardware.

    After carrying out this comprehensive onsite survey, customers get first-hand information about all the pre-deployment work that needs to happen before new hardware is deployed. This is all based on the data gathered by engineers.

    site survey check list

    1. Identify Your Wireless Needs

    Before performing the site survey itself, it’s important to consider your requirements for the wireless network. What is the desired speed and bandwidth? How many client devices will be accessing the network at once? How much transmit power will they have? Which generation of the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard will you be using? These are all factors to take into account before starting your survey.

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